The Hollow EarthWe've hit the big 3-0 and we're celebrating by bringing you a brand new episode of legendary proportions!

Starting off, in our "Recent Sightings" segment Andy shares some truly eerie stories as told through the eyes of a search and rescue officer! You wanna not sleep tonight? Just listen to one of these tales retold by Andy. You'll get the boogity boogities for sure!
Search & Rescue Officer Stories

Then for "Pop Culture and The Paranormal" Pat will take us on an epic journey into the classic 70's children's television show, "The Land of The Lost"! Berries! Chakas! Grumpy Dinosaurs! We've got it all!

And Finally, for the "Main Mystery", Eddie will take you into the fantastic stories of the Hollow Earth as told by Admiral Bird himself! Step aside you silly flat earthers, there's a new (its not new at all) theory about the planet!

Thank you for listening!

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