PDLIVEFRAME.jpgIn our FIRST EVER Live Episode, we had the pleasure of enjoying some evening paranormal fun with a packed coffee house, here in good ol' Omaha, Nebraska!

In "Recent Sightings" we discuss the phenomena of the phantom "BOOMS" heard around the world, in "Pop Culture and the Paranormal" we share our discovery of the "Wild Hair Creations" Cryptid Collection, and share the story of "December 3rd 1967, An Alien Encounter", the story of Herb Schirmer and his experience with Extra-Terrestrials.

And finally in our "Main Mystery" we share the legends of haunted locations in and around Omaha, Nebraska! Here's a few links if you're curious to find out more!

Seven Sisters Road

Joslyn Castle

Sokol Auditorium

"Omaha" written and performed by Waylon Jennings

Thank you for listening!

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