Welcome to Paranormal Dads!  A light-hearted look at all things "Monsters, Myths and Mysteries"!  In this episode we'll have an update on t...View Details

Hello Paranormal Friends! We have a fun packed episode for you featuring Pat dropping some Sasquatch on your mind courtesy of the Heritage Discovery C...View Details

The Paranormal Dads are back in the studio exploring the world's monsters, myths and mysteries!  We'll discuss Oumuamua, the 'alien probe' astero...View Details

Well, the first Paranormal Dads: Paranormal Family Camping Trip was a total success! Getting back to nature even for a weekend does wonders for the s...View Details

Thunderbirds - Episode 24

Join us in this episode as we discuss a recent UFO sighting near North Carolina's, Lake Norman.  We'll also explore a startling phenomena in the clo...View Details

Dowsing - Episode 23

In this episode of Paranormal Dads we'll talk about the art of dowsing, a technique used to find water, minerals, and other items underground.  I...View Details

Welcome to Episode 22 of Paranormal Dads! And if our last episode was hot, then this episode is as cool as an ancient lake monster's flipper! In "Rece...View Details

Episode 21 is here and it's HOT, HOT, HOT!!!  We're putting the band back together as all three of the Paranormal Dads are here to bring you anot...View Details

Giants - Episode 20

On our 20th episode, we decided to go BIG! We're talking BIGGER THAN BIGFOOT BIG! That's right, our "Main Mystery" is on Giants! Straight out of your ...View Details

O Comic Con - Episode 19

In this very special episode,  we visit O Comic Con in Council Bluffs, Iowa!  Our panel features a discussion about the super creepy video of the F...View Details

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