Welcome to The Paranormal Dads Halloween Special!! Eddie, Pat, and Andy invite you to join them as they explore a haunted castle, and share three spoo...View Details

Mysteries of the South

On this thrilling  episode of Paranormal Dads, Eddie shares his experiences in the eerie town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. In Pop Culture and the Para...View Details


On this episode of Paranormal Dads, the Dads discuss a local report of a spirit that has an unusual fondness for a particular office supply. In Pop C...View Details

On this ALL NEW episode, we come in hot with so many great paranormal topics, your head will SPIN! Starting out on "Recent Sightings", Pat shares the ...View Details

Black Eyed Children

On this episode of Paranormal Dads, Eddie collects UAP and UFO sightings across Ukraine and Russia, Pat takes us into the world of the Fairy Folk and ...View Details

The Bridgewater Triangle

On this episode of Paranormal Dads we turn to YOU, our friends on Facebook, as you share some of your creepiest stories!  Eddie takes us to the movies...View Details

On THIS thrilling episode of Paranormal Dads, Andy takes us into the strange world of "Acquired Language Syndrome", Pat puts on his finest gold chains...View Details

Welcome to a very special episode of Paranormal Dads! Two of our favorite moms, Andy's sister, Elizabeth, and her friend, Anna, spend time with the Da...View Details

On this episode of Paranormal Dads, we continue our discussion with Terry Myers about Numerology! Pat will also report on a recent bigfoot sighting in...View Details

Numerology - Episode 69

On this episode of Paranormal Dads, Eddie conducts a ghost hunt in a friend's apartment, while Pat fires up the way-back machine and looks at Ghost Sh...View Details

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