In this episode of Paranormal Dads, Coleton once again joins us to discuss the world's monsters, myths, and mysteries! We'll dive into discussion abou...View Details

Portals - Episode 17

Join us as we explore the exciting world of Portals! Conduits to other worlds, dimensions, and times, the legend of portals excites the imagination an...View Details

Join us as we explore the mystery of "Synchronicity" (two seemingly different events that end up sharing a lot of similarities) and other paranormal g...View Details

Top of the morning to you lads and lassies! Welcome to Episode 15 of Paranormal Dads! In this episode, we celebrate St. Patrick's Day and discuss some...View Details

In Episode 14 we attend the second annual Nebraska Bigfoot Conference in Hastings, Nebraska.  We'll cover the usual antics of a Paranormal Dad's road...View Details

Hello Paranormal Dads Friends! All aboard the Cryptid Bus!!!  We have a slightly shorter, but still jam packed with awesome episode in store for ...View Details

Crop Circles - Episode 12

In this episode, the dads discuss the phenomena of crop circles and the many mysteries surrounding them.  They'll also take a look at the revelation ...View Details

We want to thank ALL of you who have listened, subscribed, and shared us with your friends and family Please enjoy this Christmas Special that every s...View Details

It's The Paranormal Dads Christmas Special! In this episode the dads share some of their Christmas memories, discuss different Christmas traditions, ...View Details

In this episode, we'll explore theories of the presence of ancient aliens on the moon and Mars!  And it's all fun and games until the flat earthe...View Details

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