On this episode, the Paranormal Dads go into which presidents know about UFO's and which ones don't; the top ten paranormal themed breakfast cereals, ...View Details

On this episode of Paranormal Dads, Eddie gives us a report on the paranormal side of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Andy will share a number of paranormal r...View Details

We're FIFTY!! Well fifty episodes old at least...and with that we're bringing you a fun packed episode full of weird creatures, Paranormal Jazz fusion...View Details

On this thrilling episode of Paranormal Dads, Pat shares a potential Mothman encounter in "Recent Sightings; Eddie discusses the "Superman Curse" and ...View Details

The Paranormal Dads celebrate their favorite time of year in this special Halloween episode! Eddie shares a ghostly encounter our friend Billy documen...View Details

It's been a while, but we're BACK with a brand new episode! On "Recent Sightings", Andy shares a story of what very well could be a sighting of the gr...View Details

On THIS New and Exciting Episode of Paranormal Dads, we discuss some exciting NEW "Recent Sightings", blow you mind with some great "Pop-Culture and t...View Details


On this episode of Paranormal Dads, once again the dads are flexing their social distancing muscles and record the episode in front of a Facebook ...View Details

In this episode of Paranormal Dads, we continue to podcast while quarantining! What better way to help pass the time than to talk about Monster, Myths...View Details

In this episode of Paranormal Dads, we’ll kick off a new decade of Monsters, Myths, and Mysteries. Eddie shares a personal recent sighting he had at t...View Details

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