Welcome to a very special episode of Paranormal Dads! Two of our favorite moms, Andy's sister, Elizabeth, and her friend, Anna, spend time with the Da...View Details

On this episode of Paranormal Dads, we continue our discussion with Terry Myers about Numerology! Pat will also report on a recent bigfoot sighting in...View Details

Numerology - Episode 69

On this episode of Paranormal Dads, Eddie conducts a ghost hunt in a friend's apartment, while Pat fires up the way-back machine and looks at Ghost Sh...View Details

Welcome to out Final Installment of our "Alaskan Adventure" series!! On "Recent Sightings", Andy shares which US States have the most UFO sightings; o...View Details

In this episode of Paranormal Dads, the Alaskan Adventure continues as Andy, Pat and Eddie talk about a town that was abandoned due to some unwelcome ...View Details

In this episode, we'll have a dream filled Recent Sighting involving Ancient Egypt, the use of the psychoactive drug DMT, the pineal gland, and the Ey...View Details

This episode is so packed with paranormal goodness, we don't know where to start!  First we have a guest on the show, Andy's very own amazing nephew, ...View Details

Join the Paranormal Dads as they discuss recent sightings, pop culture and the paranormal, and Andy's new book!!! Please purchase, The Sky Dairies: A ...View Details

Welcome to Paranormal Dads, join us for a holiday celebration! Christmas traditions, haunted presents and a deep dive into a Dickens classic!  Join us...View Details

Join the Paranormal Dads as we take you on an expedition of EPIC proportions as we explore the forests and deep woods of Arkansas and Oklahoma  in sea...View Details

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